Milan Weather and Climate

Milan is generally considered to have a Mediterranean climate, but, in fact, the city exhibits features rather similar to the continental climate, unlike most of the south Italian cities located on the peninsula. Of course, it’s not just the landlocked location which determines such particularities, but also the fact Milan is a large city with an intense urban life which, by definition, pushes the mild Mediterranean characteristics to extreme values.

Thus, in summer, Milan experiences hot air temperatures which tend to stabilize well above 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is also a problem, high levels of air moisture being recorded for the city of Milan during the hot season (in particular, in July and August). Overall, Milan’s climate is not known for its windy feature, but occasional windstorms can occur in spring (keep in mind Milan is in relatively close vicinity to the Alps, and Tramontana, as well as Bora, tend to blow quite strongly when the climatic context allows it).

In winter, temperatures drop way lower than it is characteristic of the alleged Mediterranean climate of Milan. Snowfall is also typical of Milan, minimum air temperatures reaching even -4 degrees Celsius. If you plan to visit Milan in winter, mind that you dress up appropriately. Also keep in mind winter and the latter half of autumn can be quite foggy.

Spring and autumn are mild and pleasant, which is why Milan is intensely visiting during such seasons (between April and May and between September and October, maximum temperatures stabilize well above 15 degrees Celsius). The air humidity is still considerable, but within reasonable limits.

The links below feature the weather forecast for Milan for the next several days, focusing on aspects like the air temperatures and level of humidity, wind velocity, air pressure and chances of rainfall:

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