How to Get around in Milan

While in Milan, tourists can get around efficiently from the point of view of both the costs and of the time they spend getting from one point to another by using the public transport system of the city. For faster and more private trips, turning to the Milanese taxi services is also possible. Driving around is not the most inspired choice, but, in all cases, it counts as a further option. On top of that, exploring the several compact tourist areas of Milan on foot is recommendable, though for longer distances this is, obviously, less practicable. Eventually, cycling in Milan, in particular in the areas fitted to such purposes, is not to be disregarded by visitors who want to search out the city on two wheels and enjoy the advantages of a dynamic vacation at the same time.

Public transport

ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi)

Milan is crisscrossed by a vast network of bus, tram, metro and suburban train lines. All these lines are managed by ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi). The public transport system of Milan (both the surface network and the underground network) is easy to use, not to mention it is highly efficient (timesaving and cost efficient alike). Tickets (single tickets, 24-hour tickets and 48-hour tickets, as well as 10-ticket carnets) can be purchased from automatic selling machines, tobacconists’ and newspaper stands, and they can be used for any of the means (the integrated tickets are available for buses, trams and metros alike), which, obviously, eases tourists’ “mission” of searching out Milan. Also keep in mind that if you purchase an AmaMi Card, you can use the entire public transport system for free for the entire period of validity of the card.

In order to learn all there is to know about the public transport system of Milan, bus networks, tram lines, metro lines, stops, ticket sale points, ticket prices and travel rules, follow the indications below:

ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi)
61, Foro Buonaparte, 20121, Milan, Italy
800 80 8181
0039 02 48039484

By metro

The underground of Milan is crossed by three metro lines (Metropolitana): MM1 (the red line), MM2 (the green line) and MM3 (the yellow line). Getting around in Milan by metro seems to be the most convenient manner of searching out the city: the trains arrive every 1 to 3 minutes, and the service is available on weekdays from 6am to about 12 o’clock at night (on weekends tourists can expect to find trains running until around 2am). What is also worth noting is the metro network is expanding, works being carried out in view of constructing 2 new lines and extending the three existing lines. Please visit ATM in order to see the map of the network and the metro stops.

Suburban railway

The suburban railway is not necessarily one of the first choices when it comes to tourists visiting Milan and wondering about the best public transport alternative. The S lines stops, as they are called in order to differentiate them from the M lines (metro lines), are signposted by a green S on a blue background, but they are generally less used even by locals, the main reason being the suburban trains run with a smaller frequency than the metro trains. However, if necessary, tourists can, of course, use them, though the likelihood of that to happen is close to nothing. Please visit ATM so you can learn details about the S lines, as well as about their junctions with the metro system and with the surface public transport network.

By bus

The Milanese buses are easy to use and, in fact, the most reliable when it comes to the surface public transport system. The vehicles tend to arrive on schedule, and the service is available until after midnight, around 2am. A special bus service offered by ATM is the so called Radiobus, which is a combination between the taxi service and public bus service (they are often considered a cheaper alternative to the taxi services proper). In high season, reservations are necessary, so you make sure you will actually benefit from this service. In order to learn more about the Radiobus service (which is basically and evening and night service, available from 8pm to 2am), as well as to see the network of bus lines, stops and complete travel rules, please visit ATM.

By tram

Trams are also at hand if you intend to search out Milan by using the public transport system. The Milanese trams are comfortable and modern, but for a more particular experience, you can also take an orange or a yellow trams. These trams are deliberately designed such as to resemble the old Milanese trams. Visit ATM so you can learn about the precise schedule, special tourist services and network of tram lines.

By taxi

If in need of a fast trip, taxis are always at hand. Some tend to consider the Milanese taxi services are reasonably priced, whereas others, on the contrary, complain about the high prices. Eventually, it all depends on how much money you afford to spend during a stay in Milan.

The taxis are managed by private companies licensed by the city of Milan. The vehicles are white (this is the distinctive sign) and keep in mind drivers will not stop if hailed. Taxis must be called or picked from the stands, otherwise you have small chances to take a cab. Also of note is the fact if you call a cab, you will be charged for the distance between the vehicle’s initial location and the place it comes to pick you up from. Obviously, looking for a taxi at the taxi stand is less pricey.

By car

Getting around by car in Milan? While driving around definitely has its advantages, when you draw the line you realize this is not the best tourist experience. Car parks, while not scarce at all, are usually crowded. It’s true they are easy to use, but they must all be paid for. Please visit the official portal of the Italian parking system for Milan in order to learn more about the car parks of the city.

On top of that, keep in mind there is the congestion charge for private vehicles one has to pay if they enter Milan with their own car. On the other had, Milan is serviced by plenty of car rental companies tourists who come to the city by plane or by train can turn to if willing to enjoy the autonomy of a private means of transport at all costs.

So, there are ups and downs when it comes to driving around Milan. Ponder on them so you make the right call.

On foot

Milan is a large city. It surely can not be searched out on foot from one end to the other, but certain parts of it are definitely. Walking around in the tranquil Milanese parks, piazzas and pedestrian areas is a pastime one shouldn’t easily rule out: certain sights can only be properly known if you take the time to carefully admire them and become one with the set, a privilege one can not enjoy from the speed of a bus or of a taxi.

By bicycle

There are several bike rental companies in Milan tourists can turn to in case they want to bike around in the city. The Milanese people are very fond of cycling, which is why foreigners might (or not) be surprised to find out how popular cycling is in Milan. Most of the public parks have been laid out with cycle paths, but it's not only there that you can ride on two wheels. Keep in mind that the hinterlands of Milan are also great to explore by bike (a favorite route is the one between Milan and Lake Garda). So, if cycling is your thing, the very ingredient which makes your vacation unforgettable, what is there to wait for?