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Admire models of Leonardo’s sketches and get on board of a submarine at Italy’s largest science museum

What is extraordinary about the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan is it fuels a permanent connection between the past of science and its future perspectives. The museum originally opened in a 16th century monastery, bearing the name of Italy’s most reputed polymath, Leonardo da Vinci, in the honor of his contribution to the scientific and artistic patrimony of humanity. In time, the exhibition space of the museum enlarged significantly, such that today is also occupies several railway, aeronautic and marine halls. Overall, it fills a surface of some 40,000 square meters, which makes it the largest science museum in Italy.

Of course, the key collection of the museum consists of models inspired from Leonardo’s sketches (airplanes, submarines), but there are plenty other exhibits to see and even plenty of things to do while visiting the other increasingly expanding sections of the museum. These sections which, unlike the Leonardo Gallery, have a more interactive character, inspiring visitors to interact with the world of science and to make on their own experiences which otherwise would remain inaccessible to them, approach fields like communication, energy, transport, materials. Visitors can also attend the workshops and science labs and events organized at the museum, as well as they can, if curious, take the Enrico Toti and discover aspects of the technologies used in seafaring (the ticket in order to get onboard on the submarine are paid separately).

Holders of an AmaMi Card can visit the museum for free or, depending on the case, with substantial admission discounts, but keep in mind even the full price of the ticket is worth paying: the thrill of entering a world populated with the most enchanting range of optical devices, carriages, planes, typewriters and all the possibly thinkable gadgets is guaranteed. Furthermore, visitors can enter the monastery’s garden.

Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology
21, Via San Vittore, 20123, Milan, Italy
0039 02 485551
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 9:30am to 5pm; Saturdays: 9:30am to 6:30pm
€ 10

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