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An awe-inspiring collection of archeological findings brought from Fayyum, the oldest city in Egypt

The Egyptian Museum of Milan is part of the Museum of Archeology. Yet, its bewildering collections don’t share the same location as the main body of the museum. On the contrary, they are located in the Sforzesco Castle, one of the most epic medieval buildings in Milan. In fact, the Egyptian Museum is housed in the underground of the Ducal Court (or the so-called Sale Viscontee), showcasing a miscellaneous collection of exhibits which try to retrace the main coordinates of the ancient Egyptian culture, with a focus on the cult of the afterlife so keenly observed by Egyptian people.

The original nucleus of the museum consisted of the findings brought to light following the excavations carried out by Achille Vogliano, back in the 1930s, in Fayyum, the oldest city in Egypt. The original collection understandably grew in time, such that now visitors can delight in admiring an eerie range of artifacts, such as sarcophaguses painted with intricate symbols, funerary masks, amulets, all sorts of instruments and even canopic jars. One of the most popular highlights of the collection refers to a mid 7th century BC mummy. The Book of the Dead counts as one of the most prized museum pieces. Also worth noting are the everyday life tools used millennia ago by the ancient Egyptians, as well as the statues (different sizes) of the key figures of the Egyptian pantheon.

The Egyptian Museum can be easily integrated in the tour of all the museums housed by the Sforzesco Castle (the Ancient Art Museum, the Castle Picture Gallery, the Prehistory and Protohistory Museum, the Museum of Musical Instruments and the Civic Collection of Applied Art). Holders of an AmaMi Card can visit the museum for free.

Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio)
Piazza Castello, 20121, Milan, Italy
0039 02 88465720
0039 02 88465721
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 9am to 5:30pm
€ 3

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