AmaMi Card

Milan is not the most expensive destination in Italy, but it surely is not the least pricey either. Thus, budget travelers might find it reassuring to learn the AmaMi Card, conceived at the initiative and with the support of the main administrative, tourist, cultural and financial authorities of the city, stands out as one of the most convenient means of exploring Milan while keeping, at the same time, as closely as possible to the previously established vacation budget.

The card allows holders to enter for free or with substantial discounts to tens of museums and other essential sights of the city. Another major advantage is this card can be used in order to travel for free by means of the public transport system (metro lines, bus and tram network) of Milan, within the limits of the validity period of the card (48 hours). The card can be purchased from several branches of the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in Milano, from several museums of the city (such as the Brera Gallery or from the Sforza Castle). It is simple to use.

Don’t miss out the chance of enjoying your vacation to the full in Milan without wasting your precious financial resources! Please visit the official tourism portal of Milan in order to learn precise details on the card sale points, free admissions and discounts, rules of using it and other useful information on this precious tourist tool.